February Top Droppers

I won’t make my top droppers for February be missed again. So today, I am awarding David Funk, but I used to call him White, of Basic Bloganomics for being my top dropper in February.

White will receive 1000 EC credits and 1 month ad for the month of March. Happy dropping!!!


February Top Droppers — 43 Comments

  1. Hi SDWHH!

    Awww, thanks for ad space and for the EC credits my friend! Congrats to everyone else, too.

    I appreciate this my very good friend!

  2. Congrats to MD, WOAFS and MPG too of coz… so happy I made it on your list dis month GG!

  3. "part" is just an expression GP we used to call each other, i and ate elai,,heheh,,u wanna join the club?LOL!