Nothing beats more than the hellest of hellest week we would have in medical school by far but the fast approaching finals week. That would be March 15 to 19, 2010. Some doctors said that the final exams will be a comprehensive exam – from the very first discussion we had last semester up to the last topic that we could cover up this semester. Smiley In short, from preface of the book to the last index page. Just imagine now how my eyes would get baggy after this semester. SmileyStarting today up to Friday next week, we are already actually flooded with exams. But good enough, that some doctors are sharing their lecture notes so we won’t read books, as required but only when needed. Honestly, its really a great hassle for us to read a 5-chapter exam that would only comprise 50 items comparing to a minimum of 10-page lecture notes. Oh well, we would rather choose the latter so we could study 2 or 3 subjects a night. Wouldn’t you?

The only prob that we could have if doctors will share their lecture notes is the printing of those colored images. Off course, we won’t understand well the notes if not to print it colored. And darn, my printer cartridge now easily gets empty. Smiley One of my friends suggested me to use Dell Ink Cartridges. I haven’t tried it though, but as what she shared, Dell is a real great brand for printer cartridges. I might just look for it as soon as I went home, maybe by the end of this month or on the first week of April in Davao City, and change then my printer too.

Aja to me. LOL!



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  1. You do have quite a bit going on with exams. I hope for the best for SDWHH on those exams, too!

  2. Hello Gagay… in theater they never say "good luck"… cause when they wish a performer it so happen that he broke his leg…

    that's why now when a actor is about to perform… they say "break a leg"… and from then on…..

  3. thank you guys for your well wishes!!

    take care all of you and happy blogging!