Crossing fingers

I supposed to go home only after the Holy Week. However, my sister asked me to come home early since we’d be spending Holy Week in other place; and that, I still do not know where. She just told me to be at home before this coming Wednesday, March 24. She also said that that day would be the start of our family vacay. Smiley
Though I am in a rush in going home, I think I could only settle for marine transportation rather than by plane this coming Sunday since all the plane schedules are fully booked. But hey, no one can deny it’s more exciting to travel by sea than by land nor by air. Smiley When I was booking online for my travel, I stumbled upon those exciting cruise deals this summer which made me think of having it before my second year in medical school starts. What do you think? Hehe. Do I deserve such cruise? Smiley I think so. I demand. LOL!
Oh yeah! Honestly, I need vacay, a very long vacay! Haha. And I want it to be along the beach. I am actually getting excited to where would we be spending the Holy Week. I guess that would be beach again. Haha. **crossing fingers**


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