Another migraine?

The school year is almost over. Yeah! There would only be two weeks more to go, that last weeks would be the hellest of the hellest then, and summer vacation is yet to be planned.
I think really need vacation. Why? First is because my swelling eyes that up until now is still getting bigger. I can’t study anymore. This really gave me more stress. I remember, once, my ophthalmologist told me not to stress my eyes out more coz sties will really grow. Then I told him that stresses and depressions in medical school can’t surely be avoided with those lots of books to be read a day. He just smiled and added, “..that’s the life of a medical student”. Ah oh!!! Smiley Second is that, I need to rest my brain, literally. Haha. Though it’s good that brain, minds are working always, sometimes, I admit, if I am mentally working more than physical, migraine always attacking me. There goes weakness next. Thence, I can’t think good. I just usually sleep the whole day and night. And lastly, I just need to feel empty for a week or two. Just that.
Speaking of vacation, we, I and my friends, haven’t fixed all the necessary things to be used for vacation abroad yet. But, we are already getting crazy in looking for places to go to. One of us suggested Florida. Waaaaah! I don’t think I could fly there. In fact, she already sent each one of us through emails some information, especially the hotels in fort lauderdale Florida where we gotta stay. Haha. There are still a lot of things for us to fix before getting there. And again, another migraine. Smiley
Well, well, well, if and only if possible that I can fly just right after the last exam, haha, I will really fly then. Smiley


Another migraine? — 10 Comments

  1. Hi SDWHH!

    I know about migraines and used to get them as a kid. I do agree you need a getaway, and I hope you get it soon my very dear friend!

  2. gay simple lng ba kumuha ng visa as tourist?
    I am looking forward on seeing you relaxing and enjoying life abroad. Take a lot of pictures.


  3. When I was younger I used to have it! I hate it, they even brought me to a phyhciatrist and nothing happened!

    Actually because of the medicines I'm taking I think I'm becoming dependent to it…

    I threw them all and live the life I wanted.

    Just laugh it away… hahaha!:=)