Accessorizing My Vox

I am freakishly thinking lately about my soon-to-be vox, I gotta call her RV. Smiley RV because I want it to be a Red Vox. Hehe. And yeah, freak enough that even in some of our boring classes, I used to draw RV and color it real red. I also design the doors, side mirrors and RV’s soon-to-be plate number. And to my freaking extent, I have drawn one RV design in my Physiology book. Haha. But I won’t show her yet for now. I am shy coz I’m not that talented lassy to draw like a real artist. LOL!

Whew! That isn’t RV. That’s my Bikey. Below Bikey is RV.

I had been accessorizing RV in my mind, on how she looks like, some girly things on her and a lot more. Upon looking over the internet, browsing for great ideas to be innovated for my RV, I found for my upgrading thoughts for RV.

Take a look at the husky liner floor mat above. Isn’t that cutie to look at inside RV? Smiley It’s so classy. I found that over They actually are providing high-quality car accessories. Not just that, in my case, making my RV looking unique from other voxes, is a sure one-stop store for every car’s needs. They even provides pickup truck accessories such as winches and more. But I can’t imagine installing winches in my RV. LOL!

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