Winter Olympics 2010

Aren’t you wondering why the homepage looking awesome today?

Google is actually celebrating the Opening Program of the Winter Olympics 2010 which is today (in the US) February 12 – 28, 2010. This year’s Winter Olympics is the third Olympics that is hosted by Canada, specifically British Columbia (first hosting event).And for the events, you can check at OLYMPIC SCHEDULE AND RESULTS here.


Winter Olympics 2010 — 17 Comments

  1. nope..just the one earlier than this..this my 2nd post today in TLB and the third from all blogs. heheh..

  2. Hi SDWHH!

    Vancouver did a great job with the opening. It was very diverse with younger and older athletes as well as male and female participants. I liked the creative way they lit the Olympic flames, too. I loved that Wayne Gretzky lit the flame!

  3. We are going out after this, whole day will be out sure he won get to watch ha ha.. poor tito B!