Vox, come to Gagay!

Would you believe that my dream car is a Red Volkswagen? Smiley Have you seen The Cars? The talking vox there? Oh yeah! I want to buy one and have it before I finish medical degree with all my savings. How would I do that then? Hehe. My mum used to tease me of being so vintage coz she doesn’t like it. She even told me once am like or be likened to an old maid or might become one. Haha. Much more being teased to be such coz I got no boyfriend now. I just said, “hmp, watch out!“.

Anybody wants to donate for my RV? LOL! Just PM me. Smiley
I am not joking. I really wanted to have vox before I finish medical degree with my own money. And believe it or not, by now, I had been looking for accessories for my future RV (red vox). So funny I am. Smiley I have already been planning stuffs to buy like the red car floor mats. I even wanted to install bakflip and bug deflector. In fact, every time I pass by to some auto shop, specifically for vox cars, I used to look for red accessories. Haha. I think I am just addicted to vox.

I am already looking forward to have my RV a bug deflector like this above.

Oh vox, come to Gagay now. Haha. Watch out you guys, one of these days I might be driving my RV already. LOL! Smiley


Vox, come to Gagay! — 20 Comments

  1. hays, me and blogger, I always have to enter my comments twice before they go through 🙁

    as I was saying…

    We used to have a golden yello volkswagen beetle, we loved it soooo much! kaya lang we had to sell it… now, one of my dream cars would be a red vw beetle, but not the oldschool but the new one!


  2. Our first family car when I was still a little kid , was an orange Volks. My dream car is a BMW SUV.
    Hope you will get your dream car someday.

  3. Hi GG! 🙂 B is obsessed with beetles! 😀 We have a white vintage beetle that B is fixing up for me.. 🙂 My grandpa just gave it to me last December, and it's really really vintage, and it still has it's old accessories, which B loves of course.. 🙂

  4. When it is all set up and gorgeous I will take a picture and post it on FB, now, it still looks vintage.. 😛