TIffany: If Love is Blind

I’m getting emo this week. Blurrr to me. LOL!

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Lyrics | If Love Is Blind lyrics

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Splendor in the Grass

I supposed to talk now on pontiac accessories, however I realized, it’s more interesting to talk about love, sex and heart break. Hehe. I believe car parts accessories are always there, they wouldn’t run except the car itself. LOL. But being emo, changes. Mood change. So I better stick on my emo mode today. Just bare with me. Smiley
Lately, I haven’t been emo-ing in my room with all those emo movies. I missed having movie marathon. And one movie which I am really dying to watch now is the Splendor in the Grass. Believe it or not, I just settled for movie reviews in more than an hour browsing over the internet to have an overview of this movie.
Splendor in the Grass is actually an American film released in 1961. See? Look how oldie this movie is? But I am still looking for a copy. Hehe. I really want to watch this movie because of its theme – love, sex and heart break. Emo, isn’t it? Smiley This movie was directed by Elia Kazan. And this actually won the Academy Award for the Best Writing, Best Story and Screenplay. Oh yeah! These awards convinced me to have a copy of this film real soon. Smiley Here’s more, the leas actress, Natalie Wood, was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Though I didn’t know who she is, I might Google her more.

The movie was success as it managed to find itself in Entertainment Weekly’s list of 50 Best High School Movies. Splendor in the Grass

However, in our Family and Community Medicine class, we were tasked to watch Philadelphia. Though I am a big fan of Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington, I haven’t watched this film yet. But I guess I have to now. LOL! If not a required movie, why would I watch it then? Hehe. The film talks on HIV and homosexuality and more related to it. We are actually required to make a reflection paper about the film. Haha. So I guess, Splendor in the Grass might be set aside for now, Philadelphia here I come. Hehe.

Mooon Cafe in Dumaguete City

Today, I will tour you in one of the newest and, as what I found it, one of the best cafe in Dumaguete City, The Mooon Cafe, The Mexican-inspired Restaurant located in Robinsons Place.

I wasn’t able to take photos of the foods my classmates have eaten coz the camera’s battery get emptied. Sure thing, the next time I’ll visit Mooon Cafe, I’ll take foodums photos.***I didn’t eat coz I am fasting for the Lenten season which just started on Wednesday (Ash Wed) Feb. 17, 2010.

Needs Refill

I haven’t noticed that I need my HP Ink Cartridges changed until I supposed to print one of the 15-page exam sets of notes in Family and Community Medicine this morning. Smiley I actually overlooked it coz I think I just had it changed with new cartridges yesterday. LOL! I remember the last time I bought new cartridges was before our 3rd-bimonthly exam, that was still on January 9. Isn’t that too long? Is it?

For almost three years now, this HP printer of mine has been serving me good. It has still on its best quality though am using it hard, sometimes too harsh like am letting it print hundreds of pages without resting. Yes, I did. That was when I was still having my thesis in college. I reproduced 5 copies of my more or less 150-page thesis. But look, my HP printer stands still and so loyal to me. Haha.

I am actually using the HP cartridge numbers 21 and 22 for black and colored ink cartridges, respectively. And I used to buy both cartridges at the same time. But since I got hard time looking for the combo cartridges wherein a set of cartridges 21 and 22 are packed as one, I opted to look for cartridges online. Good thing I stumbled upon where I even found a number of top brands of ink cartridges that they are selling other thatn HP. Aside from that, they have been one trusted company selling ink cartridges online. And now, I am considering them where I’m gonna purchase one from them instead of going to Cebu City just for the two cartridges. What do you think?

Westminster Dog Show 2010 Results: Sadie Won the Best in Show

Oh!!! I missed the Westminster Dog Show 2010. I might settle again with grrrr…
Anyway, I have here the list of the winners.
There are 7 groups of breeds in Westminster Dog Show: Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting, Herding, Sporting, Working, Terrier.

Winners of the Hound category:

Winners of the Toy category:

Winners of the Non-Sporting category:

Winners of the Herding Category:

Winners of the Sporting Category:

Winners of the Working Category:

Winners of the Terrier Category:

Take a look at here the 2010 Westminster Dog Show Best Show, Sadie, a four year old Scottish Terrier dog.

Hotmail Down: Hotmail Services Unavailable

My early morning wake up message was “Hotmail down. The Hotmail Services Unavailable“. This was an SMS received from a blogger friend also. I was thinking he’s just joking, but as I headed over to Oshi, same statement banged on me: Hotmail down | Hotmail service unavailable Windows Live Messenger Services which includes Hotmail went down.
Minutes after, that friend of mine called me asking for help if I could open hotmail. He was just thinking that it’s only him that couldn’t open. He was actually worried about his savings account online wherein he requested money from PP. It’s supposed to be processed and all done today, but he couldn’t open his hotmail account coz hotmail is down.
My friend was already getting freak and his mind, I guess, was circling. So I opted to look for the admin of hotmail, but before contacting the support, I have my blog addict friend who sent me link thru my gmail for some news on hotmail services unavailable. I then followed it and below is what I have read.

MSNB statement:

“This morning, around 9:30am PST, the Windows Live ID sign-in service experienced a partial outage that caused some customers to not be able to sign into services using Windows Live ID for approximately one hour,” Microsoft said in a statement.

OMG it was. I will just update here if things will get better soon.

Churchill Manitoba Polar Bears

Can you guess what are these?

These are actually Churchill Manitoba Polar Bears. I am in posting frenzy with Polar Bears today coz I just suddenly remember one of the movie scenes while I was studying earlier which there were Churchill Manitoba Polar Bearson that movie. But I really forgot the title of the film. If I’m not mistaken, The Arctic Tale in 2007? I really do not know. I am not sure.

But, one thing’s sure for me now which made me crazy the past two months. If I won’t limit my eating cravings of pizza and all those carb foods, I might get as big as Churchill Manitoba Polar Bears then. Smiley Throw your pizza appetite and settle for protein snacks. Smiley Grrrr… One time, someone teased me my butt looks like Polar Bear’s. I do not know if I get mad or what. Do I really look real fat? What do I need to do now? Liposuction? Surgery? I am getting paranoid of being fat now especially that summer vacay is near.

And yeah, honestly, I am trying my best to forget that there exist pizzas in the world. But if you happen to visit me in my medical blog, I am still eating those like end of the world. LOL!

Xbox Live Servers: Modern Warfare 2 Down

When I tried to check online for the latest update and forums of Call of Duty 4 – The Modern Warfare 2, I was amazed that I can’t access it. At first, I was thinking that only Oshi had a problem. However, upon checking from the forums link, the Xbox Live Servers Down, which was the first suspicion I had.

Whew, upon reading comments regarding Xbox Live Servers Down, I am thinking then of the hosting problems they encounter especially when a lot of clients are simultaneously accessing it. I am not really sure about it, though I have some ideas on hosting websites or blogs, but with regards to gaming, I don’t have that knowledge anymore. There are actually a number of web hosting sites with satisfying hosting offers as noted from independent reviews of web hosting providers. I just don’t know for game hosting sites. Smiley

Anyway, yeah, I used to play COD (Call of Duty), as what we used to call it, when I am getting bored playing casino online, or should I say, if I had three or more consecutive loses. Haha. Oshi actually has COD installed on him and Defense of the Ancients(DotA) too. LOL!

Look how Mommy Gagay and Didong addicted to COD and DotA.

Olympic Luge Tragedy Video

On Valentines Day – February 14 but that was still Saturday if to follow the EST, I posted the Olympic Luge Tragedy VideoVideo of Nodar Kumaritashvili’s Death. However, just how many hours after posting it, Ate Ane commented that she cannot watch the video due to terms of violations.

A screen shot on the Video of Nodar Kumaritashvili’s Death – the
Olympic Luge Tragedy Video, from my previous post.
Thence, I bookmarked in my pocket calendars, coz I got two – one from shoe and food companies, that I’ll be checking my the videos before the winter Olympics ended. However, I still couldn’t find any recent video showing the Nodar Kumaritashvili’s Death.Well, anyway, my pocket calendars are the one which I could easily get up to when I have a lot of things to be done in a week or so. Aside from the fact that I could bring those somewhere coz I just put it in my wallet instead of pocket alone, I found it real handy and lassy-looking than bigger planners. I still have planners, though, but those are for year-long plans like birthdays, other celebrations; but mostly are big events to be celebrated and a-must-to-be-prepared of appointments.

This is my wallet now. Psssst, don’t spread this kei?

That doesn’t have anything on it, actually. LOL!

Cyclist Floyd Landis issued arrest warrant

Earlier before we started studying for a number of exams later today, I’ve met a non-Filipino lassy studying in Silliman University also. But she’s still on her undergraduate degree. She was talking ’bout the winter Olympics which she supposed to witness. But since she’s here in the Philippines, she could only have post cards of her place. After talking with her, coz she looked sad, I realized her post card showed cycling event but not in snow. I was wondering then if she overlooked the postcard that she was showing to me or what. Hehe. But telling you, she didn’t coz before she left with a smile, she let me read the notes at the back of it and some phrases, “save the date postcards would never let you forget the day I gave the postcard to you”. Yayks! That was so cheesy.
By the way, speaking of cycling, Floyd Landis, an American Cyclist, has been issued an international arrest warrant after hacking an agency computer of the French anti-doping agancy (AFLD).


Landis was stripped of his 2006 Tour de France title after being found guilty in his doping case, in which he tested positive for abnormally high levels of testosterone. The cyclingnews report states the lab that handled his tests said in November 2006 its computers were hacked. The news outlet reports the IP address of the hacker was associated with Arnie Baker, Landis’ coach. More of Landis in hacking anti-doping lab computer.