Nine-hour Electrical Power Shut Off

Just as after I posted what Vitamin am I earlier today, I didn’t notice there was power shut down already not until Oshi was beeping reminding me to change his power settings. Smiley The power company didn’t announce that they would be having such routine clearing or something today. I supposed to print some school works – laboratory images and report papers but I wasn’t able to do anything but to sleep the whole day.
But, well, good enough that that thing happened coz I had my unexpected beauty rest. I was able to clean my room and the living room as well in our boarding house. And part of which, I had a time to rearrange my wardrobe settings, bags and shoes. Whew! Smiley
And now, guess what? As I checked my email, I received a message from one good friend asking me if I could work as part time writer in the companies that he is working at. Smiley I once asked him, actually before, if they are looking for content writers or any online job positions, and now, since the company is looking for one, he contacted me. Smiley The work is actually very easy; if I’d be interested with it, I would just be doing web hosting reviews. And as I checked over the internet, I found one web hosting reviews site which gives a very good reviews to web hosts. Asides from that, web hosting itself, the services they offer are very cheap and affordable plus an unlimited hosting. is indeed a great hosting reviews site that I couldn’t think I could do the same quality of reviews they’re doing. Smiley


Nine-hour Electrical Power Shut Off — 20 Comments

  1. yeah! just an hour before now the power got back..hav u noticed earlier i just readily disappeared not even waving bye…grrrrrrrrrr..

  2. wooooooh!?!? dun worry, PBs will come to us so sooooooon.hehe..think they get traffic..or might just be

  3. this one from RM..heheh!hav no PB from BV yet..huhu..SSR, i got lotsa but for WNP.heheh,not for bees.

  4. Hi SDWHH!

    Yes, even the SDWHH needs to have her beauty rest! Sorry to hear about the power issue.

    And that emoticon "raising the roof" is too funny after you talked about being contacted about a part-time writing job. Congrats on that, too!