Needs Refill

I haven’t noticed that I need my HP Ink Cartridges changed until I supposed to print one of the 15-page exam sets of notes in Family and Community Medicine this morning. Smiley I actually overlooked it coz I think I just had it changed with new cartridges yesterday. LOL! I remember the last time I bought new cartridges was before our 3rd-bimonthly exam, that was still on January 9. Isn’t that too long? Is it?

For almost three years now, this HP printer of mine has been serving me good. It has still on its best quality though am using it hard, sometimes too harsh like am letting it print hundreds of pages without resting. Yes, I did. That was when I was still having my thesis in college. I reproduced 5 copies of my more or less 150-page thesis. But look, my HP printer stands still and so loyal to me. Haha.

I am actually using the HP cartridge numbers 21 and 22 for black and colored ink cartridges, respectively. And I used to buy both cartridges at the same time. But since I got hard time looking for the combo cartridges wherein a set of cartridges 21 and 22 are packed as one, I opted to look for cartridges online. Good thing I stumbled upon where I even found a number of top brands of ink cartridges that they are selling other thatn HP. Aside from that, they have been one trusted company selling ink cartridges online. And now, I am considering them where I’m gonna purchase one from them instead of going to Cebu City just for the two cartridges. What do you think?


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  1. hey SDWHH all the printers and computers and laptops in my house are HP. I think they are great.

  2. this not from BBR GP. still i diden received any from BBR. well, i hav no plans enimore to run after them..dahek!

  3. i have one brother and 1 cannon GP..hehehe.. brother not being used for more than a year mum's using the cannon at home.

  4. better try brother's new model..the scanner/fotocopy is feed type paper edi..not the flat one..

  5. I am taking a break from my job! 😀 HP is indeed a very reliable printer.. 😀 Although I use Lexmark, cause it's quiet, no noise when printing.. 🙂

  6. oh yeah! i hav only seen once a lexmark printer in my mum's old's actually a DepEd

  7. really te ane?havnt heard/seen my mum printing in her old she's been assigned to new school where she's using cannon (aside from that in house).

  8. I have an HP laptop now, but my printer is Canon. I used to have an HP All-In-One until it no longer worked. Overall, I've been happy with HP products though.

  9. maganda nga ang printer na yan, kaya lang minsan nga magastos sa ink. hays, ang liit naman kasi ng catridge nila. hehehe