Laughing while Sleeping

After reading a lot of news articles and watching videos of Nodar Kumaitashvili’s death, I almost feeling drowned into snow also. It has been my long time dream to experience snowing here in the Philippines. Yes, snowing it is in the Philippines. It might sound very fictional, but, who knows? One day, Philippines will experience snowing. LOL!
Oh, last night, I dreamt of real snowing here. I was playing with the snowman. Throwing it out with someone, I wasn’t sure who he was. Haha. He might be W. LOL! I wasn’t really sure. Later that day, I did snow plowing since the snowing gets heavier. It was even windy. OMG. Some of my girl pals who are basketball players also arrived and we tried skiing. Haha. What an adventure it was. Skiing is one of my dream sports also aside from synchronize swimming in Olympics. Take note, just a dream sports. Hehe. Smiley After having fun with girl pals, we just use the snowsport snow plow to clean up some messing snow crystals we had. While cleaning, a red curtis snow plow arrived. Believe it or not, W arrived. I was wrong when I was thinking earlier the it was W that I was throwing snow balls, but it wasn’t. He actually came to help us and to show us what his red curtis could do to the snow. OMG. W has flown from US to Philippines. Yayks! Smiley

This is how the red curtis of W looked like. Smiley
Suddenly, there was somebody calling me from somewhere. As I looked back, it was my classmate from the other room waking me up this morning. She was bothered to what happened to me coz I was laughing while sleeping. She thought that I was with someone talking, but as she opened my room, I was just sleeping. LOL!


Laughing while Sleeping — 13 Comments

  1. Hi SDWHH!

    LOL! I think you guessed well my friend! Yeah, I helped remove the snow, and now you owe so much you'll never get out of debt!

    Cute post my friend!

  2. Yeah okay. I guess this is really the reason you call me "white" now because of helping you clear that snow!

  3. hahah!no it's not! i could still remember yer name's color!hahah!LOL!at least i just used "W" there, not "White".LOL!

  4. heheh!it was indeed crazy te ane..believe it or not..coz i was thinking of the Nodar before i slept last night.

  5. what makes it more crazier te ane was the appearance of W!haha! i think that was because the past days we were talking bout the snowing in their place…heheha..WTFin' dream that was!