If only..

Could you still remember Dom? My cousin who failed last semester in his Algebra subject? Yes, he failed. And lately, I just have known that my other closest cousin who is of same age with Dom, Marion, failed also last semester in his Algebra subject. They are both studying in different universities here in the Philippines, though. Dom is taking up Bachelor of Science in Physics in Iligan Institute of Technology, Mindanao State University while Marion is enrolled in Ateneo de Davao University taking Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

The three musketeers (my cousins, and they
are cousins too); Marion, Dom and Jonas.
After giving Dom a copy of some tutorial notes, he still found algebra one brain-squeezing subject as Marion do. Both of them wasn’t able to enroll the subject which are required for them to take since algebra is a prerequisite for calculus. Lately, Dom contacted me asking for math answers in his “algebra homework help“, a guide and practice math problems and questions coz he found it difficult. Actually, the algebra homework help is a guide for him before taking the placement exam in algebra for him to be able to enroll calculus this coming semester. I told him I can’t attend him by this time since I am studying also, though can only spare him my weekends for an hour or two. Yet, still not enough, I ended up giving him precalculus help and calculus help guides which I found over the internet since the algebra homework help guide that he has is also covering some calculus problems.
And again, I look up to TutorVista.com over the internet if they are offering precalculus and calculus help guides. Indeed they are. I told Dom about it, and he asked if TutorVista.com is offering a free demo for first time students, and yeah, they are offering. Marion also is thinking to have it since the tutorial is open 24/7, that means, anytime when Dom and Marion are available. The good thing which I really preferred TutorVista.com from other tutorial companies online is that the tutors are degree holder. Very reliable, indeed. So no worries of the knowledge on math.
Well, if only I’m not studying now, maybe I could have personal tutorial sessions with them. Smiley


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  1. It's so nice of you to care about your cousins and about them passing their subjects GG.. 🙂

  2. thanks te ane..actually, Dom's family is with us..his mum is my mum's younger sister.since they were small, they're already living with us..