Hotmail Down: Hotmail Services Unavailable

My early morning wake up message was “Hotmail down. The Hotmail Services Unavailable“. This was an SMS received from a blogger friend also. I was thinking he’s just joking, but as I headed over to Oshi, same statement banged on me: Hotmail down | Hotmail service unavailable Windows Live Messenger Services which includes Hotmail went down.
Minutes after, that friend of mine called me asking for help if I could open hotmail. He was just thinking that it’s only him that couldn’t open. He was actually worried about his savings account online wherein he requested money from PP. It’s supposed to be processed and all done today, but he couldn’t open his hotmail account coz hotmail is down.
My friend was already getting freak and his mind, I guess, was circling. So I opted to look for the admin of hotmail, but before contacting the support, I have my blog addict friend who sent me link thru my gmail for some news on hotmail services unavailable. I then followed it and below is what I have read.

MSNB statement:

“This morning, around 9:30am PST, the Windows Live ID sign-in service experienced a partial outage that caused some customers to not be able to sign into services using Windows Live ID for approximately one hour,” Microsoft said in a statement.

OMG it was. I will just update here if things will get better soon.


Hotmail Down: Hotmail Services Unavailable — 15 Comments

  1. Sorry to hear about the hotmail services. Hopefully, it will be fixed in due time.

    Have a great Wednesday my dear friend!

  2. I have hotmail too but it's been years since I've used it I think.. prefer gmail of coz.. u got gmail too right?

  3. I used hotmail before, nakalimutan ko na nga ang email account at password ko dyan eh. hehehe