11-year old gives birth (video)

I’m not going to play with toys any more – I have a new toy now.”

Believe it or not!


11-year old gives birth (video) — 20 Comments

  1. OMG!!! 11years old? How old is the guy.. isn't this statutory rape?? tsk tsk tks! they should arrest this guy!

  2. love? is is LUST!!sorry GG.. I get so angry at such irresponsible pple/parents? where are they by the way?

  3. i think they are in a relationship LJ. 🙁 have u seen the vid, the guy said he cant do any but to handle their sit..hehehe

  4. heheh!that's why she said during an interview that she wouldn't be playing toys edi, coz she has a new toy, her baby.lol to her

  5. obviously she stopped playing with dolls some time back already.. coz she's playing with ding dong instead!

  6. hahah!!indeed playing ding dong than dolls..errrrrr.. GP is somehow right, hav u read LJ the one i posted on the youngest father in the world?heheh!

  7. thanks ate vernz for the review..yeah, i have read it and i liked it most!wohooooooo!!thank you so much!!