Martin Nievera: Be My Lady

Still waiting for HIM to sing this song for me..

He actually said this, but still waiting for the right time. Happy MM guys. Come check also my perks at Walking Newspaper and Pinoy-MD this week.


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January Top Commenters

Yayks!!! I only have one sleepless night before March. But my top commenters are not yet posted. LOL.

Ok ok.. Here they are.

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Wishing on a Falling Star


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Inverted Nipples

Earlier today, a friend of mine who is pregnant now is having a problem with his inverted nipple. She has already consulted it with her OB-GYNE since she was still on her 3 weeks of pregnancy. Even though her medical doctor (MD) has a lot to tell and the right person to talk to about her situation, she’s even comfy sharing it with me. She’s just in Mindanao and am here in Dumaguete City, so we’re just exchanging SMS.
She’ll be giving birth by the end of April and up until now, she’s getting paranoid on how to have her baby boy be breastfed. She’s actually having a normal breast size, in reference to her weight and height and to the baby’s recent status also. I actually, and honestly, do not know what to tell her more but to make it a joke to have her try breast enlargement instead so her nipples would do reverse. LOL.
Though I have already some good ideas and informations on the physiology of having inverted nipples and the good thing to do about it, I am still cautious to give her advises since we are not licensed yet to do that. Though I have explained things to her, I am still worried to her and to my coming another godchild.

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Twin Quakes in Mindanao

I can’t believe two earthquakes hit some parts of Mindanao early today.

Heres the list:

Location Time/Magnitude
General Santos City
12:19 AM
Cotabato City
12:19 AM
Butuan City
3:35 AM


On Friday, a magnitude 5.5 quake shook the Davao area at around 4:37 p.m., it said.The tremor was felt as Intensity III in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur; Davao City; Mati, Taragona and Caraga, Davao Oriental; Padada and Malita, Davao del Sur.

It was also felt as Intensity II in Cateel, Davao Oriental; Tagum City; Digos City and Sta Cruz, Davao del Sur; General Santos City; Koronadal, South Cotabato; Cagayan de Oro City and Intensity I in La Paz, Agusan del Sur; Kabacan, North Cotabato; and Samal Island, Davao del Norte.


January Top First Commenters


February seems coming to an end, yet the buzzzzing January top first commenters were not posted. Smiley

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January 2010


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Shamu, Killer Whale, kills SeaWorld Employee

After I have read a post of my former adviser, an entomologist, in UP Mindanao who happen to be the college dean (up to now) in our college now, I remember those days that we were finding a colony of western subterranean termites in one of our entomology laboratory activities. If am not mistaken, we went to some areas near in UP Mindanao to look for houses with those termites. That time, our class was in the afternoon from 3pm, after looking for those houses with termites in a very dim day, we ended up and settled for images from books and drew labeled those. Haha. Those were actually the days that I was still very optimistic in bugling those insects. Oh yeah, enough to be enthusiast with insects that, as I have said before, I even opted to deal with insects, specifically, moths as my thesis study. See? I love insects, before. Haha.
But now? After knowing that the place where I am now is surrounded by great whale colonies, I then so love whales. Hehe. There’s one place here in Negros where one can have whale watching. But I haven’t been there yet. I have only seen whales every time went home, seeing those whale from above (if via plane) or watching them nearby (if I prefer MVs – marine vessels).
And oh, by the way, I have read a news that one of the “killer whales“, Shamu kills again a SeaWorld employee. This seems to be one bad news I have read this morning that causes the SeaWorld to cancel all the shows. Too bad.

The Luke Air Force Base Shooting

I remember last weekend, that was on Saturday, Elaine asked me to teach her on how to download mp3 stuffs. Thence, I suggested applications. She tried it, actually. However, to my curiosity and at the same time looking for some new updates over the internet that time, I looked for fast mp3 search tools for me to have the latest mp3 music updates.Upon checking this afternoon the mp3 musics that I have downloaded and while listening to it, I just received a PM from a friend in Arizona that she just witness a shooting and car crash in Luke Air Force Base in Litchfield, Arizona. At first, I was hesitant enough to believe her, but as she directed me to a news update, I said to myself, “it’s really a shooting in Luke Air Force Base. LOL!”

This is what I’ve read:

GLENDALE, Ariz.—Authorities said two men were shot by security officers after they drove a stolen car through a gate at an Air Force base outside Phoenix during a police chase.

Officials said one of the men died and the other was wounded.

The crash occurred at the entrance to Luke Air Force Base in Glendale, outside Phoenix. The base trains pilots to fly F-16s.

Base spokesman Capt. Jerry Gonzalez said the pair allegedly stole a car and drove through a security gate as they attempted to flee from authorities.

Capt. Gonzalez said base security forces set up a roadblock. As the driver tried to run it, security officers fearing for their safety opened fire.

Copyright 2010 Associated Press



Bohooo to my friend. I even teased her to make herself seen on TV. LOL! Well, lemme back now listening to my newly downloaded mp3 while studying. I still have exams tomorrow. Aja to me!

Vox, come to Gagay!

Would you believe that my dream car is a Red Volkswagen? Smiley Have you seen The Cars? The talking vox there? Oh yeah! I want to buy one and have it before I finish medical degree with all my savings. How would I do that then? Hehe. My mum used to tease me of being so vintage coz she doesn’t like it. She even told me once am like or be likened to an old maid or might become one. Haha. Much more being teased to be such coz I got no boyfriend now. I just said, “hmp, watch out!“.

Anybody wants to donate for my RV? LOL! Just PM me. Smiley
I am not joking. I really wanted to have vox before I finish medical degree with my own money. And believe it or not, by now, I had been looking for accessories for my future RV (red vox). So funny I am. Smiley I have already been planning stuffs to buy like the red car floor mats. I even wanted to install bakflip and bug deflector. In fact, every time I pass by to some auto shop, specifically for vox cars, I used to look for red accessories. Haha. I think I am just addicted to vox.

I am already looking forward to have my RV a bug deflector like this above.

Oh vox, come to Gagay now. Haha. Watch out you guys, one of these days I might be driving my RV already. LOL! Smiley

Bloom Box: Bloom Energy

Bloom Box: Bloom EnergyBloom box/Bloom Energy Fuel Cell Box

Bloom Energy aims to give the world independence someday from power grids and gas stations. It builds what are called solid-oxide fuel cells, in which water, oxygen, and a hydrogen source such as natural gas are pulled through the cell to cleanly generate electricity. One of the byproducts of the process is hydrogen, which in turn can be used in a different type of fuel cell: the hydrogen-powered version imagined for propelling cars of the future. If Bloom’s technology fulfills its potential, homes and businesses could one day generate their own electricity and fuel their own vehicles.


Bloom Energy Corporation was founded by K.R. Sridhar in 2001 and is featured on “60 Minutes”. You might be asking what is Bloom Energy Fuel Cell? Well, just take a look at the video below.

Florence Henderson Guest on Rudetsky’s Chatterbox

Florence Agnes Henderson, born in February 14, 1934 and an American actress and singer, who is best known as Carol Brady in the television program The Brady Bunch in 1969 to 1974 was featured as guest on Seth’s Broadway Chatterbox on Thursday, February 18, 2010.

Seth’s Broadway Chatterbox is actually an hour weekly talk show which is hosted by Seth Rudetsky. Darn! I missed it. I might settle again for LOL! I am still on emo mode, so better bare with me. Smiley

And for tonight, Florence Agnes Henderson will be joining the cast of 2009 Dramam Desk Award winner Celebrity Autobigraphy: In Their Own Words at New York’s Triad Theater, 158 West 72 Street. Three shows will be held this February: Monday, Feb ruary 15 at 7:30pm and 9:30pm and Monday, February 22 at 7:30pm.

These are the casts:

Monday, February 15 at 7:30pm and 9:30pm:
Scott Adsit, Mario Cantone, Rachel Dratch, Florence Henderson, Kristen Johnston, Carol Kane, John Leguizamo, Eugene Pack, Dayle Reyfel, Mo Rocca, Brooke Shields, Alan Zweibel

Monday, February 22 at 7:30pm:
Scott Adsit, Craig Bierko, Rachel Dratch, Susie Essman, Eugene Pack, Dayle Reyfel, Michael Riedel, Sherri Shepherd, Alan Zweibel