Webmaster, Am I?

I was rally bothered on being a webmaster. Last night I slept at around 12 midnight and was just thinking on how to work with those stuffs. I need to decide the soonest so that the Philippine medical students’ website wouldn’t be staggered.Today, before our classes started this morning, I still freakingly checked over the internet some, I think, useful and informative sites for me to be used. I stumbled upon 4 Cheap Web Hosting which is a useful web hosting guide web page. Aside from that, it is affordable and pocket wise. The said web hosting site provides webhosting services in a number of web hosts such as the linux and windows platforms and also on PHP and JSP scripting, MySQL, multiple domains and many more. From these listed services, I only have little information and knowledge on PHP scripting only. The rest, I got my mind turn circling. But I guess, with this 4 Cheap Web Hosting site, I might able to have clear ideas then.

Now, I am thinking of enrolling into an online webhosting tutorial even just for 2 hours a day or so for just a month. After reading informations on webhosting over the internet, I am somehow fascinated already on webhosting itself. Hehe. I am sure I could explore more the world wide web. Moreover, aside from accepting the offer on being a webmaster, it would be a great opportunity to work with other medical students even just thru the Philippine Medical Students’ website.

Hopefully, I really could.


Webmaster, Am I? — 8 Comments

  1. Hi GG!

    It does sound like a good move, and taking classes about it would work in your favor more, too.

    You're a smart woman, so it wouldn't shock me to see you do well with that if you choose to.:)

  2. thanks thanks DF! yayks!!! i am a smart woman?!?! i know i am! LOL! :p

    i think i really need to have tutorials on webhosting before accepting the offer..havent decided yet!

  3. Hola SD i agree with David getting classes is a very good choice. It goes with out saying that you are a very intelligent women beside being SDWHH. Take care my dear,

  4. hey GG, lemme know if you need any help, I'll be glad to lend you a hand anytime… 🙂

    if you do go for it, good luck, i know you'll do a great job! 🙂

  5. thanks ate ane!!! ill just ping you if ill really accept the offer.. i am thinking it hard now coz i guess i still need more tutorial on this. 🙁 🙁 🙁