Union Bank Opens in Dumaguete City

I supposed to have this post during the day Union Bank has opened its branch here in Dumaguete City last November 2009. I already forgot the exact date when was that. If am not mistaken, it was either November 23 or December 2. SmileyBut anyway, I was very glad when this bank has opened its branch here in Dumaguete City for me to have the easiest and most convenient way in doing transactions with regards to my online kaching. During the opening of the bank, I immediately applied for new DC coz I had trouble with my previous CC. Take note, I just had DC now, and not CC anymore. Smiley It was a long disappointing story, so better, I guess to have DC then than CC.

Well, so much with that, though haven’t fully decided yet whether to accept the offer on being a webmaster, I have already browsed over the internet on what would a webmaster would do. Good thing I have found a very useful guide in webhosting. Aside from that, it is also affordable. I was thinking then of having one? LOL! Help me decide whether to be MD at the same time webbie mastah or just solely MD!?!?



Union Bank Opens in Dumaguete City — 8 Comments

  1. Hi GG!

    Nice to hear the news about this bank for you. They aren't building those here. As a matter of fact, they closed down one of them a couple of months ago.

    Yeah, take your time on that webmaster offer. I'm sure you'll do the right thing for that.

  2. hello Gagay! Nalito ako ah. What's a DC and a CC?

    By the way, go for it! Kaya mo iyan! Kaw pa! Mwahugs!

  3. heheh! funny ka te uie,,dc=debit card; cc=credit card..weeeeeh!!oh ayan, alam mu na?heheh! gamit nmin yang mga terms na yan sa twitter!heheh!