New Year, New Bike

Didong has just celebrated its 3rd birthday last Dec. 1, 2009. Being a li’l grown up kid, plus a very cutie boy, he always get what he wanted aside from being the only nephew in the family yet to now. No wonder he has been flooded with attention.In his very young mind at young age, he already has all the clues to live like a real man portraying batman, superman, hulk and most specially spider man. In fact almost all of his stuffs are figured after spider man. And the latest he just claiming to have? A new spider man bicycle. He already have a bicycle when he was still 2 years old, but now, he wanted new. We never expected he would able to know bicycling even at 2 years young with no one teaching him. Smiley

Take a look at Didong’s spidey stuffs and bicycle full of spidey stickers.

And on last holidays, I and my mum were really looking for spider man bicycles for Didong. But we failed to look for the best bicycle fitted for him – bikes for kids, in our hometown. I am just planning to buy Didong new pairs of spider man costume instead aside from the one I brought for him as a pressie last October 2009 when I went home for a month-long semestral break in medical school which I bought at SM Cebu City.

Didong in his spider man pose wearing the spider man costume I bought.


New Year, New Bike — 12 Comments

  1. YAY me! 🙂 So cute u and ur mom looking for spidey bike for Didong! Happy birthday again cutie pie! 🙂

  2. Gay.. help me naman buy my own domain…huhuhuhuhu..I have a hard time with Go daddy.. Can u help me?

  3. Hi GG!:)

    Didong is so cute in the Spider Man outfit and the one with him in the box. It looks like he was packed inside the box because he can fit in there. LOL! Only kidding. Very adorable!