New Found Glory: Kiss Me


Someone kissed me!hahah! Wanna ask who? The other night, Saturday night, my all time crush and I met and he kissed me. But it was just IN MY DREAMS!Smiley Honestly, he kissed me just in my dreams. Smiley I was just hoping, when I woke up yesterday, that it was true.Well anyway, I am having here in this week’s MM, someone who KISSed ME last night. Don’t forget to hop and have fun with my other MM entries this week at Pinoy Medical Doctor and Walking Newspaper.

Happy MM guys!

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New Found Glory: Kiss Me — 15 Comments

  1. Hi GG!

    I did have to laugh the "just in ur dreams" line. I have to say you have a way to tell a story while posting a fitting song for it.

    Have a great week my dear friend!

  2. Hmmmmm somebody kissed you. I wonder who your crush is. Looks like i have competition now LOL just kidding. Great song my sexy doctor. Have a great week and happy MM to you 🙂