Lola’s Medical Alert

For the past several years after the death of our grandfather, my mum’s dad, we just then celebrating our Christmas Eve with our grandmother, my mum’s mother, who has is staying with us for a couple of years already. However, we had our Christmas eve last December 2009 without our Lola, local dialect pertaining to grandmother, was not at home. Our aunt, my mum’s younger sister, brought our lola to their place so she could able to spend holidays with them – with my cousins and my uncle. SmileyHowever, we noticed that every time she go with our aunt and went back with us, she has always something to claim like pain here and there; at any parts of her body. One time, she was suffering from real pain and the family only knew when our cousin told us that our lola was claiming to him her painful pelvis. Thence, my mum and sis brought our lola in the hospital to have her physical and medical check up. Everything were fine except her slight low level of hemoglobin in her blood wherein the doctor just prescribed some supplementary drugs for her to be taken in everyday. But, her claim regarding her pelvis wasn’t gone and getting worse every time she walks and even needing proper slow movement when attempting to seat. Thence, my mum decided to bring our lola somewhere, I forgot where was that, to have her a massage. After less than an hour, our lola was looking good and could walk straightly then. We urged her to tell us what happen to her before that day if she fell or what. She then told us that she accidentally spill something over her body causing her to lose control of her balance and slid into somewhere.

Our lola with our uncle (mum’s cousin) last April 2009.

This situation which my lola has experienced was actually just one to counting hundreds of cases of grannies who fell and slid in their houses. But this could be lessen with the use of medical alert apparatus for grannies like my lola.

The medical alert apparatus are designed for fall alarm wherein everytime there would be accidents happen, grannies would just simply push a certain button on the apparatus that should be worn as bracelet-like gadget or somewhere else in the body or even just inside the pocket. What’s even better is that, there is a 24 hour monitoring of the gadget, so when a granny is wearing the gadget and she accidentally fell, a customer agent will know the status of the one wearing or using the gadget and a rescue team will then be rushing through houses for help.

I might try looking for something like this for my granny as soon as I get back home. Smiley Take care lola!


Lola’s Medical Alert — 9 Comments

  1. Great granny device indeed GG, love that we have all sorts of stuff to make things easier for the elderly now. It's really very convenient. Would be good for my MIL too! 🙂