Finally, I found ONE!

It was discouraging for my cousin, Dom, after he failed in one of his Math subjects, if am not mistaken, it’s Algebra 1 to continue with his recent enrolled course. He is a DOST scholar and according to the contract, the scholarship might be forfeited if failed in one of the subjects taken during the w. He is still in his first year in college wherein he’s taking Bachelor of Science in Physics. As what he told us, he found it somehow difficult. He asked us, my elder sister and I last holiday vacation, to teach him and have him a tutorial sessions especially on solving math problems. But since we only had little time last holiday vacation to have tutorial sessions with Dom, we just opted to look for Algebra tutor for him. Up until now, we haven’t found any yet.

My elder sister, Wewee, and Dom last New Year’s eve at Mum’s house.


I just remember earlier that I still need to look for a good tutor for Dom after checking my planner. Hehe.

I browsed over the internet the best online tutorial which I could offer to Dom. Gladly, I found which offers great tutorial sessions online. It serves 24/7 online; very convenient since anytime of the day, Dom can have tutorial session. And what makes better than other tutorial services I found online is the reliable degree holder tutors they have. Aside from solely tutorial services, also help tutees or students on their homeworks.

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