Finally, I found Adsense Notifier

I have this problem months ago after publishing TLB regarding my adsense account. I can’t easily access to it and can’t monitor from time to time since I have different accounts for all my financial accounts. And that doesn’t exclude adsense account. I have been searching for toolbar which could help me monitor my adsense easily.Phew! I finally found adsense notifier. I found it very easy and convenient to use since it’s just an add-on application in Firefox. Smiley So I don’t need to worries of additional application running at the same time while happy blogging and dropping that could sometimes cause Oshi to respond slowly. Smiley Smiley

This is how adsense notifier looks like.


Finally, I found Adsense Notifier — 16 Comments

  1. i know about this addon… but i got so many addon already that my FF is already running slow..hehe..

  2. Added your 3 blogs na gay… dili to saCDO na pic..Sa pangpangga tua while we were going to Baguio…

  3. Hi SDWHH!

    I have a lot of add-ons on my laptop as well. But this is a good one, and glad to see it does have its benefits to you.:)