Doppelganger Week on Facebook

Know the latest on Facebook? It’s the Doppelganger Week on Facebook.

Doppelgänger Week
is the latest meme in Facebook.

Here’s how: switch your profile picture to the picture of a celebrity that someone has told you look like. And here’s a hint: since you can choose any picture, you can definitely cheat. Smiley Eventhough no one has told you that you look like such celebrity, you can still post his/her photo as your profile photo.At least in my case, though I haven’t changed my FB profile photo, Kuya Mel told me that I am even more beautiful than Ms. Earth 2008. LOL!

Click the image to read more on “Who’s Who: Miss Gagay or the Miss Earth 2008?”.

Thanks Kuya Mel for the Review. You can read HERE the review of Kuya Mel.


Doppelganger Week on Facebook — 9 Comments

  1. Hey SDWHH!

    Yes, I agree with Kuya Mel. You have her beat hands down in beauty! You're not the Sexy Doc With High Heels just because you needed another nickname(which you have plenty of now, lol).

    I read his review, and commented on there, too. Congrats on that. I'll have to review your blogs on my WBE site in due time as well.:)

  2. thanks thanks for reading mine and Kuya Mel's blog and commenting too!

    eniwei, no need la review.hehe!! being mah friend is edi a great thing! thanks thanks WHITE!!!

  3. Hi Gagay,
    You are more beautiful now more than ever than her based on your last photo with your mother. You became whiter in complexion and fairer too. I will always vote for you in any beauty contest both here and abroad. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  4. dili pod dai uie!!nalimot ra ka!hehehe!!

    i missed this skinny bowdei of mine!!way back college..double naku ani karuN!hhuhu!!!