Alicia Keys with Charles Barkley on SNL

Alicia Keys hit up the SNL last week with retired NBA player, Charles Barkley. And in my MM this week, I’ll be having Alicia Keys’ songs.

Happy MM guys!

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Alicia Keys with Charles Barkley on SNL — 9 Comments

  1. Hi, Gagay, wala ko ka sabot sa "ping", e add na lang tikaw sa akong blog roll, is that how it works?

  2. Hello Gay, happy MM!

    By the way, I already put the two domain blogs of yours: this blog and the pinoy-md in my CMP ( and TIR (, and then I will update on my main blog CSJ and will put also—you may look on my BlogRoll side.. then buzz me up if you're done huh?

    I hope you could tell me where did you got your plug-ins, the smiley and such.. heheheh.. thanks in advance Gay.. heheh.. muahhh!

  3. @ LJ: LJ chopped!!!

    @Ebue: hehhe..thanks te!

    @Gaurav: thank you thank you!

    @Monica: Happy MM too te mon!

    @ate cai: whew! i have added u edi te!!!