Tiger Woods Scandal

Having been allegedly linked to Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods is now having an intense marriage counseling for his sex addiction. More over, his attempts to make his family better getting worse instead because of the news reporting a number of women whom Woods had been sexually involved during his married life.



More women, are indeed, coming and claiming that they had sexual experiences with Woods while he was married. Is this what has been called Tiger Woods Scandal? With this, Woods has been asking to have his private transgressions.


Actually, all these news, issues only came out when Woods had a car accident near his house in Florida. Reports stated a lot of issues just to buzz out what really caused his accidents.


By far, no words yet has been heard from Woods’ side regarding the accident nor his realationship with Uchitel and even on his scandals. 


Tiger Woods Scandal — 5 Comments

  1. counseling for his sex addiction? I don't buy it Tiger!! Still so disappointed with his affair… 🙁